Am I Powerless Over Cocaine Addiction?

No matter how strong the dependency or how long it has taken hold, there is no addiction that you cannot overcome. As much as that is a fact, it’s also true that a stubborn addiction can make a person feel hopeless and powerless against it. This is often the case with those who abuse cocaine. Many people have failed to quit on their own, and the taste of battling addiction made them feel powerless to break free. These feelings, however, largely stem from the misconception that willpower is the key to unlock the chains. There is so much more to battling addiction, and proper treatment can empower you to overcome.

Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine use creates a physical addiction that alters the way the brain functions. The drug affects an area of the brain known as the reward pathway, which is activated during pleasurable experiences like eating or sex. Cocaine increases the levels of dopamine which causes the euphoric high, but after repeated use, the addiction dominates the brain and makes cocaine the only stimulus that produces pleasure. When an individual quits cocaine, the reward pathway essentially shuts down while the brain resets itself. During this time, pleasurable feelings are in short supply, which often leads to depression and anxiety. This period will pass, but in the moment, one certainly can feel powerless.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

You might feel powerless to overcome the addiction alone, but proper treatment can be the source of strength you need. As far as the physical dependency, medically supervised detox will purge the drug from your body using methods that minimize unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This includes treating whatever mood swings occur as the brain’s reward pathway returns to normal. Still, detox is just the first step toward recovery, and it’s the next steps where a person truly feels empowered to kick the habit.

Power to Beat Cocaine Addiction

A drug with such strong neural effects naturally comes with a psychological dependency that needs to be broken as well. Following detox, a proper facility uses behavioral therapies and relapse-prevention techniques that give a person the weapons to fight back. These are some of the ways to empower a recovering addict:

  • Counseling to break the mental dependency
  • Treat co-occurring mood disorders that contribute to addiction
  • Learn to identify what triggers might spark a relapse
  • Help repair relationships the addiction might have strained
  • Instill the belief that a lifelong recovery is within your grasp
  • Explain what struggles lie ahead on the road to recovery
  • Group therapy to provide and receive support
  • Prepare a person to handle friends who still use cocaine
  • Find encouragement from others overcoming the same addiction
  • Teach skills to resist a relapse in the future

No matter how hopeless you might feel now, treatment will get you through the physical detox and provide the tools and confidence to make it through recovery. Once you reach this point, you will feel anything but powerless against the addiction.

Help for Cocaine Addiction

We understand the hopelessness a person can feel with cocaine addiction, but we also know you have the strength to prevail. We are here to help. Our caring staff is available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to answer any questions, explain the recovery process and even check to see if treatment is covered by your health insurance. Call our toll-free number today and discover just how much power you truly have.

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