Attempting Cocaine Recovery Alone

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that can lead to a powerful psychological addiction in users. Using the drug becomes an obsession that is of greater importance than any prior values, and use and addiction can induce behaviors that were uncharacteristic in the user’s pre-addiction life. For the cocaine addict nothing is more important than taking more cocaine regardless of the damage it does to life and relationships. Recovering from cocaine addiction is a long and difficult journey, and it will require a strong support system. Unfortunately addiction is frequently accompanied by isolation and damaged relationships. In order for recovery to occur a person must reach out for and accept the help of others.

Why Can’t Someone Recover from Cocaine Addiction without Help?

One of the most vulnerable periods of a person’s recovery is shortly after a person has left a rehab treatment program. It is during this time that supportive relationships are most needed. Someone exiting cocaine addiction rehab may feel empowered by the treatment and begin to think that he or she can handle recovery and temptations alone. The person may start to think that he or she can handle cocaine use every now and then or believe he or she could use a different substance such as alcohol. This is when relapse becomes likely. No matter how great one’s rehab experience and training might have been, support is necessary to in remaining clean. A recovering cocaine user needs others to listen, encourage and hold him or her accountable. Isolation and recovery are never a successful combination, as together they will almost certainly lead a person back to drug use.

Who Can Someone in Cocaine Addiction Recovery Rely on for Support?

There are many people ready and waiting to help you recover from cocaine addiction. Be intentional in your relationships and be honest and open about your challenges. Accept help when it is offered. Family and friends want to see you succeed. You also need to be involved in a support group. While in a support group you can gain insight and encouragement from others who truly understand what you are going through. You can also find a sponsor to mentor you through the process of recovery. A mentor is someone who has been where you are and can teach you what to expect and how to overcome cocaine addiction cravings and temptations. Continue relationships with counselors and therapists who can help you overcome unhealthy thought processes and lifestyle patterns that may contribute to relapse. Any and all positive relationships can help you get and stay clean from cocaine. If a problem is discovered early, a total cocaine addiction relapse can often be prevented, before it becomes a larger problem. It is possible to lead a happy and healthy life after cocaine addiction, but it cannot be done alone. Reach out to those around you for support and allow them to help you reach your full potential.

Do You Need Cocaine Recovery Help?

Are you struggling to recover from cocaine addiction? Don’t try to make this difficult journey alone. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day to get you the help and support you need. Please call our toll-free helpline and learn about those who want to support your recovery. Get clean and stay clean from cocaine. Please call today.

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