Can a Healthy Diet Help You Recover from Cocaine Addiction?

One important element of cocaine addiction recovery is maintaining your physical health. Addiction recovery teaches people to watch out for HALT—being hungry, angry, lonely and tired—because these four situations can easily lead to relapse. Addiction recovery also teaches people that what they eat when they are hungry is vitally important.

How a Healthy Diet Boosts Cocaine Addiction Recovery

People with poor eating habits have a higher risk for relapse. For example, cocaine addicts might not even remember the physical sensation for hunger, because cocaine abuse squelches it. They may mistake physical hunger for cocaine cravings, so it is important for them to eat regular, healthy meals along with nutritious snacks. A balanced diet that is high in protein and low in fatty foods will make users feel better physically, which can help them rebuild their lives without drugs. You may need to eat complex (not simple) carbohydrates and lots of fiber, like fruit. Also, drink plenty of water, as staying hydrated is a common problem for people trying to recover from drug abuse.

Not only does a healthy diet give your body the nutrition it needs to function properly, but it also helps you manage health issues that are related to diet. For example, a healthy eating plan will help balance the levels of your cholesterol, blood sugar, iron and potassium. If any of these areas is out of balance, then you could experience side effects (like lethargy) that might trigger you to compromise your cocaine recovery.

How a Poor Diet Plagues Cocaine Addiction Recovery

On the opposite end of the spectrum, eating an unhealthy diet carries its own issues. Eating lots of sugar often causes spikes and then crashes. In that weakened state, you may be tempted to abuse cocaine again to increase your energy. The same idea applies to meals high in fat or carbs: when you crash, you may seek drugs to feel better. In addition to these problems, poor eating causes weight gain, which can leave you feeling bad about yourself and your appearance. To avoid those negative emotions, you might be tempted to return to cocaine use. While eating comfort food may make you feel better in the short term, it only challenges your recovery.

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, then you are not alone. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time, because our admissions coordinators can help you find the best treatment options for your current needs. They can also help you find a treatment center that emphasizes physical health and a healthy diet as a part of its program. Do not let cocaine abuse destroy your life or your body. Call us today and start on the path of becoming healthy again.

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