Cocaine Abuse and Drug Interactions

Many users combine drugs to intensify their effects or to help alleviate the effects of coming down from a drug-induced ‘high.” Often, additional drugs are needed to help the user function by helping them sleep or stay awake. Drug use impairs the decision making process to the extent that obvious dangers are often ignored.

Common Cocaine Mixtures

Drug abuse and addiction have reached epidemic proportions in the past decade. Cocaine abuse in particular has risen dramatically. What most people do not realize, or simply choose to ignore, is the danger of combining cocaine with other drugs or alcohol. Because every individual user reacts differently to a drug, sometimes even taking an over the counter painkiller in combination with alcohol can have serious and potentially deadly results. One of the most common and most dangerous scenarios is combining illegal drugs, like cocaine, with alcohol. Cocaine increases blood pressure and heart rate on its own, and when combined with alcohol, a user’s heart rate can increase as much as five times – often leading to heart attack or even heart failure. When an individual mixes cocaine with alcohol their liver creates a third substance, cocaethylene, which intensifies cocaine’s effects and increases the risk of sudden death.

Drug Interactions Can Be Deadly

The potential for death from cocaine use is increased when it is combined with another drug, no matter what that drug may be. There is a much higher potential for overdose or a deadly reaction to drug combinations such as these. Depending on which drug the cocaine is combined with, heart rates can increase or decrease, body temperatures might rise or fall to deadly levels, respiration levels may decrease or some other life threatening condition could occur. Many drugs affect your mental alertness or mood, and combining such drugs with cocaine may lead to severe depression or impair your ability to make correct decisions. Impaired decision-making can easily lead to dangerous accidents resulting in permanent injury or death to yourself or others.

Cocaine Abuse Requires Help

If you are struggling to overcome drug abuse or addiction, seeking professional assistance may mean the difference between success and failure. Escaping drug abuse is difficult on many levels, including the physical and psychological toll it may take. Professionals can help design the right treatment for your individual set of circumstances. Counselors can provide the assistance needed to remain drug free once the detoxification process is completed. The longer you wait to get help, the more difficult your recovery will be and the more potential there is for danger, so please seek help before your cocaine problem intensifies further.

Do You Need Cocaine Help?

Are you struggling with cocaine abuse, or perhaps experimenting with mixing cocaine and other substances? Please don’t risk your life by neglecting to get help. Our trained counselors are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help you get the treatment you need. There’s no reason to wait – please call our toll-free number today.

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