Cocaine Rehab Costs

Today, the average cost of inpatient cocaine rehab programs are on average $7,000 per month, while outpatient fees are on average $4,000 per month. Most inpatient treatment programs last on average 30 days and are typically followed by a sober living experience which can also cost several thousand dollars a month.

Benefits of Inpatient Services

While inpatient service is considerably more expensive than outpatient, these facilities typically demonstrate higher success rates, and attribute this success to the following factors:

  • Temptation is significantly reduced as the patient does not have access
  • Support during critical times of need is available
  • Focus on recovery; maybe facilities reinforce restrictions so that patients can focus on themselves and their recovery

Treatment Payment Options

While the costs of cocaine rehab treatment may be considered significant, no one can argue that the cost, not only in money, but in health and personal productivity, is enormous. There are options that you can explore:

  • Many insurance companies are covering drug treatment, and more insurance companies are viewing this benefit as they do other forms of psychiatric care.
  • Private lending is another option. Drug treatment centers are working with private lenders to assist families by setting up a payment plan for treatment costs.
  • An increasing number of employers are also acknowledging that their investment in assisting a key employee by paying for their addiction treatment may, in fact, be less than bringing a new employee up to speed.

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction

Living a healthy life, free from cocaine addiction has a greater value than the costs associated with cocaine rehabilitation. If you or someone you know is a cocaine user, call our toll free number today at (866) 872-6495. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about cocaine addiction treatment. We are here to help.

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