Street names for cocaine

All drugs have nicknames. They are useful for two reasons, one is that they make the user of the nickname seem ‘cool’ (a major reason for doing drugs such as cocaine in the first place), and second, it masks the drug habits of a user.

Cocaine is the type of drug that is used alone just as often as it is used in combination with other drugs. In fact, many use cocaine as a way to stay awake so that they can stay out longer when they’re partying. Others use it to enhance the effects of other substances. Cocaine is also a drug that can take on many different forms, therefore adopting many names depending on the way in which it is used. Geographic location can also determine the slang term or street name of the drug.

According to the region of the country, the street names for the powder form of cocaine are endless. Popular slang terms are Aunt Nora, Batman, Big Flake, Blanco, Blow, C, Caine, Coca, Coke, Cola, Girl, Gold Dust, Heaven Dust, Lady Liner, Nose Candy, Paradise, Perico, Peruvian Flake, Polvo, Snow, Toot, and/or White. However, in this day and age it is not uncommon to hear teenagers refer to it as Jose or Tommy. These are tactics that again, vary from region to region as well as groups of friends but are used to easily and discretely talk about it in casual conversations without having to refer to the drug itself or a common slang term.

“Crack” is the street name used when it has been processed from cocaine hydrochloride to a ready-to-use form for smoking. The term “crack” refers to the crackling sound made when the substance is heated. It’s a small, rock-like form, combined with another hardening substance. It’s just as addicting as the powder form and can take on just as many nicknames, such as Black Rock, Blotter, Bopper, Trey, Yam, Yay, or Purple Caps. Fake coke or crack can also be called Gaffel, Bunk, Fleece or Flex. The word freebase, in any form, describes the action of or the person who smokes crack—base, basing, based out.

Cocaine Names Based on Usage

There are many street names that refer to the way in which it is used also. To make cocaine look purer by altering it, one may hear it referred to as beiging. Break night is referred to as staying up all night high on cocaine. Inhaling the drug can be heard as blasting, blow blue, blow smoke or booster. A person who swallows balloons of cocaine and other drugs to transport them undetected over the border could be referred to as a body packer or mule.

Combining Cocaine with other Drugs

Cocaine can also be combined with other drugs and take on different terms.

  • Marijuana or a cigarette that has been sprinkled with cocaine or any other form of marijuana and cocaine can be heard as Banano, Blunt, Geek Joints, Premos or Primos, Bazooka, P-Dogs, 51, Sherman Stick, Tio, Splitting, Woo Blunt, Woo-Woos, Woolies and/or Woolas. (See the history of cocaine.)
  • Methamphetamine combined with cocaine can be called Shabu or Snow Seals.
  • PCP and crack or cocaine can be heard as Beam Me Up, Scottie.
  • Cocaine and heroin can be called Belushi , Boy-Girl, H & C, He-she, Murder One, One and One, Smoking Gun, Snowball, Whiz Bang and/or Speedball.
  • Cocaine and morphine is as simple as C&M.
  • Cocaine, LSD and MDMA combined are commonly referred to as Candy Flipping.
  • Tobacco, cocaine and heroin combined is called a Flamethrower.
  • And the Five Way refers to five stimulants: heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, rohypnol and alcohol.

Cocaine Usages Internationally

Internationally, drugs can take on different street names and can also be heard about in more publicized arenas such as music and movies. In Europe, you may hear cocaine often referred to as Lois Lane. There are multiple terms, of a Spanish origin, regardless of whether Spanish is spoken in the specific region or neighborhood, that cocaine can be known as—Coca, Cabello, Yeyo, Talco, Perico, Nieve, Mujer and/or Monos.

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