Cocaine Use and Prostitution

As a powerful drug, cocaine has taken over the lives of countless people. Fueled by celebrities, movies and music, cocaine abuse has become a pandemic despite its negative consequences. Repeated cocaine abuse can cause a variety of problems, especially with the heart; it can quickly break down the tissue around the heart, leaving it vulnerable for damage. However aside from hurting the heart, cocaine also affects the brain, lungs, kidneys and intestinal tract. Not only does cocaine abuse cause serious physical problems, but it can also lead to such strong cravings that people will do anything, even sell their bodies, for another chance to use the drug.

How Cocaine Use Leads to Prostitution

Prostitution is closely connected to cocaine abuse, but both men and women engage in these acts for any of the following reasons:

  • They need more – Drug dealers are often linked to a ring of other, powerful dealers. Getting addicted to cocaine can put a user at the mercy of these powerful dealers who may trade sexual favors for cocaine. Desperate to obtain more of the drug, both men and women will engage in this type of behavior to get the drugs they crave.
  • They make money – Maintaining a cocaine addiction is quite expensive, so addicts may run out of money faster than they can make it. Drug use can grow so far out of control that addicts will devastate their careers and cannot make enough money to support their habits. Therefore, many users often resort to selling themselves to make money solely to buy cocaine.
  • They want to be loved – Many cocaine addicts use drugs to forget their problems, whether past or present. Using drugs to alleviate pain does release the stress of personal issues, and it encourages users to engage in more intimate relationships. However, some users might crave physical attention that can be obtained through combining drug use with prostitution.

Between satisfying cravings, making money to support drug use and looking for love, some cocaine users can quickly become involved in prostitution.

Help for Prostitutes Addicted to Cocaine

Cocaine abuse is strongly linked to dangers of physical and personal dangers of prostitution, but getting help can prevent and mitigate the problems of these issues. In rehab, people can learn to end cocaine abuse, and prostitutes can break free from this controlling lifestyle to foster a healthier life. In other words, do not wait to seek help for these devastating problems. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the help you need to end your addiction and the behaviors that come with it.

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