Creating New Traditions after Cocaine Rehab

Finding new ways to cope with problems and experience life after cocaine rehab is one of the most essential ways to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. The early stages of cocaine recovery are often some of the most difficult as relapse triggers begin to arise and become more frequent. Addiction recovery demands an immediate brand new lifestyle as there is no room for the former habits of an addictive lifestyle. Cocaine addiction often goes hand in hand with broken relationships and poor habits of destructive behavior, which can make recovery more difficult. Forming new habits and healthy traditions with family members is an essential part of addiction recovery. In many cases, past family traditions may not be conducive to a former addict’s new lifestyle and may need to be revised or done away with altogether. Some common examples of family traditions that may not be conducive to sobriety can include the following:

  • Large annual family parties where alcohol is served
  • A recurring family tradition where the formerly addicted family member was commonly under the influence of cocaine
  • Traditions that involve family members who do not get along with the former addict and may cause him or her to relapse due to unwanted feelings
  • Traditions that are held at or centered on a particular location or building that is associated with the addict’s former drug use habits

Family traditions that have any form of drug use reminders may need to be revised in order to exclude certain parts of the tradition. Creating new and more conducive family traditions can be one of the most beneficial ways to encourage long-term sobriety for the former addict. Going to new places and filling the time with a wide array of healthy activities and memorable family interactions can make the former addict feel a sense of acceptance from his or her family. Cocaine addiction often creates animosity between family members and the addict and can make the addict feel like an outcast. Creating new traditions specifically for the former addict to enjoy can help him or her feel affirmation, acceptance, and love. Some ideas for new traditions and habits for a former addict to enjoy that are conducive to sobriety include the following:

  • Investing in learning something new, such as how to play an instrument
  • Starting weekly traditions to meet with certain family members for a special breakfast or lunch in order to keep everyone invested in each other
  • Finding new personally intriguing hobbies, such as building furniture, painting, or creating music
  • Regularly scheduling time to do something that is focused on relaxing, such as yoga, meditation, or going to the spa

Forming new healthier habits and traditions with family can help a recovering addict to experience a new lifestyle without the need for drugs. Gaining the continual support of family members is an essential part of maintaining long-term sobriety.

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