Dangers of Combining Marijuana and Cocaine

Dangers of Marijuana and Cocaine Use

Many people treat marijuana lightly, but it can be very harmful by itself and more dangerous when combined with other drugs. Marijuana causes an increased and irregular heart rate up to three hours after smoking. Long-term use may raise the risk of coronary disease and impair learning and memory.

Cocaine harms the cardiovascular system and increases the chance of respiratory failure, heart attack, or stroke. Long-term cocaine use damages the reward pathway, making it harder to enjoy previously pleasurable activities, and may cause anxiety or depression.

Why Combining Marijuana and Cocaine Increases Health Risks

While Marijuana and cocaine have health risks when used alone, combined they are more dangerous and have a greater risk of long-term health damage and overdose. Marijuana is often taken with cocaine to reduce the intensity of the cocaine high, and a user may feel safer because of these effects; however, the cocaine still has the same effect on the body as it does when used alone. When taken together, marijuana and cocaine cause a large increase in heart rate and blood pressure, increasing the chance of serious side effects.

Combining Cocaine and Marijuana Raises the Risk of Overdose and Addiction

The health risks are worse when cocaine and marijuana are used together, especially the harmful effects on the cardiovascular system. The two drugs combined raise the risk of heart attack and stroke, even among younger users with no history of health issues.

Smoking marijuana reduces inhibitions and may cause a larger dose of cocaine to be taken than originally intended. Marijuana also changes a user’s perception of time, increasing the chance that they will take more cocaine over a shorter amount of time. Large amounts of cocaine can lead to overdose, causing heart attack, stroke, or even death.

Marijuana and cocaine combined may lead to other dangerous activity, such as driving while under the influence or violent behavior. These behaviors can lead to physical injury or legal trouble, and may cause guilty feelings and depression. Without a healthy way to cope with these issues, a person is likely to turn to marijuana or cocaine to ease the stress, leading to more health risks and addiction.

Get Help For Marijuana and Cocaine Addiction Today

If you are struggling with marijuana or cocaine abuse, call our toll-free helpline now to get help. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions about treatment and help you find rehab that is right for your needs. Get help and prevent damage to your health from cocaine and marijuana.

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