Does the Media Affect Cocaine Use?

In today’s society people are endlessly connected to various kinds of media outlets: television, movies, newspapers, books, magazines, radio and Internet, all of which can have significant impact upon people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors toward illegal drug use. When it comes to cocaine in particular, the media has portrayed its abuse in both a glorified and realistic light, allowing observers to take from it what they may. This begs the question, is media responsible for the massive cocaine abuse problem across the world? Does it enable addiction, or is it a scapegoat for individuals with little to no amount of self-control?

How Does the Media Portray Cocaine Use?

There have been huge blockbusters, hit songs and high-ratings television shows that have been centered around cocaine use. Some have glorified drug abuse and have portrayed cocaine as a cool, youthful drug. This type of media tends to be targeted at young-adults (ages 17-25). Music, movies, television shows, and magazines for this audience are filled with partying, drug use, alcohol abuse, sex and anything that has to do with being irresponsible and having a good time.

Despite this, most media outlets are pro-active in reporting the many negative consequences and dangers of cocaine. Recently, the government has urged the media to support anti-drug campaigns, and now, thousands of ads from different organizations are running throughout various media channels supporting anti-drug awareness. Sadly, numerous celebrities that have been victims of cocaine use have also served as public examples of anti-drug awareness. Plastered across magazine covers, television screens and all over the Internet are stories of actors and musicians acting foolishly, destroying their lives, overdosing and even dying. The media allows the public to witness the tragedy of cocaine use and become more aware of the drug’s many negative sides.

The Reality of Reality TV

With the flood of reality TV shows, one may wonder if these real-life situations have a greater effect and influence on their viewers. When it comes to cocaine and other drug use, there are some reality shows that clearly advocate a self-destructive lifestyle. Yet, there are other reality shows that do just the opposite and display the very cruel and real effects of cocaine use and addiction, and these hit home with viewers. Addiction and rehab-centric shows and talk shows speak to people on a very personal level. Whether they are getting the message via reality TV, a documentary, YouTube video, blog or magazine article, media is helping people get real about their issues with drug abuse, which in turn assists others who are struggling to reach out and ask for help. Seeing the reality of drug abuse and the possibility of life-saving treatment can inspire people to change.

You Have the Power: Get Help for Cocaine Abuse Today

If you are ready to quit using cocaine, pick up the phone to find your path to recovery now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help assess your recovery needs and find a specialized treatment program that will work for you. Your call is toll free, confidential and could be what saves your life. We are here to help you find treatment in any way we can, so pick up the phone and call today.

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