Holding a Johnson Model Intervention for a Cocaine Addict

Johnson Model interventions were once seen as the only way to encourage someone to get addiction help, and they are regularly portrayed in movies and television as they are dramatic, confrontational meetings. While you can encourage someone to seek addiction recovery using other models, and some of these models better suit certain addicts and their unique needs, the Johnson Model remains an effective and popular model to encourage treatment. It can help your loved one quit cocaine abuse, so seek help if you think this model will encourage sobriety in someone you love.

What Is a Johnson Model Intervention?

A Johnson Model intervention involves a loving confrontation between an addict and her loved ones. These friends and family members meet with a professional interventionist before the meeting to prepare and practice for the upcoming event. They work together to create a unified front that offers support for recovery while creating consequences for continued cocaine use. The hope is that, by seeing her loved ones united against addiction, she may be encouraged to seek help, or she will suffer as a result.

Are Johnson Model Interventions Effective?

Johnson Model interventions have a long history of success. For instance, the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse published the article “A comparison of the Johnson Intervention with four other methods of referral to outpatient treatment,” and it states that a Johnson Model intervention “is highly effective in engaging and retaining clients in inpatient treatment.” It further notes that people who participate in one of these interventions are more likely to attend treatment than people who attend other intervention models. However, there is some concern that addicts confronted through a Johnson model are more at risk for relapse and leaving treatment earlier than those who participate in other intervention models. To choose the best model for your loved one’s unique needs, seek professional help to discuss intervention strategies and addiction issues.

Is a Johnson Model Intervention Right for Everyone?

The direct and confrontational approach used in a Johnson Model intervention sends many addicts into treatment, but that does not mean it is the right choice for every cocaine addict. Talk with a rehab admissions coordinator or intervention professional to determine the right intervention model for your loved one. No individuals, addictions or recovery journeys are the same, so explore all available options to find the right match for your needs.

Find Johnson Model Interventionists

The admissions coordinators at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you find appropriate addiction treatment. They can assess your situation and connect you with the professional resources you need, so reach out for help right now to get your loved one into cocaine addiction recovery. You don’t have to fight addiction alone, so reach out right now for professional support.

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