How Cocaine Abuse Affects Families

Cocaine abuse destroys people’s lives. It affects not only the lives of users but also inflicts much emotional and psychological pain on friends and family members.

What Families Can’t Do: End Cocaine Abuse for a Loved One

The family members of a cocaine user suffer emotionally as they watch someone they love sink further and further into abuse and addiction. Often loved ones will feel conflicted with how to best help the addict. Worry for the safety of the addict may drive loved ones to overstep healthy boundaries, thinking that their love and protection will bring the addict to his or her senses. Unless family members embrace the fact that the only favorable resolution to addiction is recovery, there will be endless heartache and difficulty. In this way, the family must realize what they can’t do.

Families cannot break the cycle of addiction for their loved one. If love were enough to end the pain of addiction, the world would be filled with recovered addicts. Families also can’t sustain their addict financially. Those who abuse cocaine become resourceful and manipulative in order to fund their expensive habit. They will beg, borrow and steal from loved ones because they are steeped in the complexities and deception of addiction. Cutting cocaine users off financially or even emotionally is sometimes a necessary step, as it allows the user to fully realize the impact their behaviors and actions have.

What Families Can Do: Plan a Cocaine Abuse Intervention

When a loved one is abusing cocaine, he or she may need the caring intervention of family and friends. An intervention is a strategic meeting of friends and family with the addict with the goal of helping the addict find treatment. In order for the intervention to be healthy and productive, it should adhere to the following basic guidelines:

  • If possible, professional intervention help should be obtained. There are recovery counselors who specialize in this important process, and the wisdom from their experience is invaluable. This person also serves as a neutral party to keep both the addict and the family on track and in check during the process.
  • The intervention gives family and friends an opportunity to share their observations and concerns for the addict. This should always be done in a caring way, even when the content of what is said might be extremely painful for both sides.
  • A plan for treatment should be in place prior to the intervention. If the meeting is successful, and the addict admits the need and the desire for treatment, the specific opportunity available should be presented so the addict can act on his or her new resolution as soon as possible.

When an addict enters a treatment program for cocaine abuse, he or she will need the support of family in order to see it through.  Counseling for family members can be a helpful part of the recovery process, giving loved ones the resources and boundaries they need to assist the addict’s journey to sobriety.

Find Cocaine Abuse Help for Your Family

There is hope for individuals struggling with cocaine abuse and their families. Call us today, and let us help you take the first steps towards recovery and freedom. Our helpline is toll-free, and we are available to talk 24 hours a day.

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