How Do I Tell My Friends That I Don’t Want to Use Cocaine Any More?

Friends and family are a huge part of the addiction recovery process. After deciding to quit using cocaine, addicts will need a strong network of support, encouragement and sympathy both during and after treatment. While friends can be a great source of help, they can also interfere with attempts to get clean. Admitting an addiction to friends can be intimidating, but true friends will listen and be ready to help in any way they can. They may respond in many ways, but those who care about your well being life will come around and help you through the recovery process.

Someone who wants to quit using cocaine should never worry about losing friends over the choice to get clean. Cocaine use is dangerous and life-destructive, so anyone who does not support sobriety is not a true friend. Many cocaine users surround themselves with other drug users because their life centers around the addiction. Because of this, a recovering addict may have to keep other users at arm’s length to prevent relapse. No one wishes to lose a friend, but a lost relationship is a small sacrifice to breaking free from a devastating cocaine addiction. While this may seem harsh, recovering addicts will understand why they must adapt to support their recovery. Eventually recovering addicts will feel blessed to have surrounded themselves with supportive and caring friends who foster recovery.

Keeping Drug-Using Friends out of Your Recovery Process

When you want to quit using drugs, be ready to make serious life changes that will support the recovery process. While you do not have to cut all drug-using friends out of your life, it is best to keep these relationships on careful watch. Old friends, hangouts, activities and pastimes can easily trigger a relapse, so it is best to be cautious about the hanging out with drug-using friends. In most cases, recovering addicts wish to keep drug-using friends at bay or completely out of their lives because of the potential for relapse. Even if drug-using friends do not encourage drug use, the psychological aspects of addiction can reignite when remembering drug use.

Cocaine Addiction Help

If you are ready to quit using cocaine, don’t worry about going through this alone. With our support you can receive expert advice and assistance while looking for cocaine addiction help. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist you with all your needs when it comes to finding cocaine addiction treatment. They can answer your questions, address concerns and provide all the information you need for recovery. If you are ready to find addiction help, please call our toll-free helpline now; a counselor is waiting to talk.

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