How Does Cocaine Addiction Denial End?

Most of us deny any action we believe is wrong, especially in the early stages of the problem. Our denial stems from a defense mechanism that is unconscious and it is at times necessary for us. However, when it comes to denial in addiction cases, it can be a serious hurdle to recovery and could lead to dangerous consequences.

Why People Deny Cocaine Addiction

Why do people addicted to cocaine deny that they need help? One possible reason is that nobody likes to feel helpless or out of control. Cocaine users may blame everyone and everything except themselves. Another reason addiction is denied is that cocaine use masks past trauma or difficult emotions. These issues must be addressed if denial is stripped away. Additionally, many cocaine addicts strongly believed that only they are being impacted and their actions were not affecting anyone else.

Dangers of Addiction Denial

Cocaine addiction can have disastrous consequences such as arrest, fine, loss of friends, loss of custody of children, loss of job, spending all of one’s money on cocaine and being left penniless, resorting to stealing to purchase cocaine, succumbing to various types of physical illnesses, and suffering from hallucinations and becoming mentally ill. If you realize this serious fact, you would be able to come out of your denial and seek help. There is no point in hitting ‘rock bottom’ and then accepting the habit. If you really love your family and friends, then you should tell them about your cocaine addiction and start cocaine addiction treatment or cocaine addiction rehab.

Breaking Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction recovery can be a difficult process. If you feel that your loved ones might be addicted to cocaine, you should immediately arrange for a proper intervention. A carefully planned, loving intervention (aided by a professional interventionist) can help your loved one come out of denial and accept his problem.

Expert Cocaine Treatment and Counseling

When your loved one is addicted to cocaine, we can help. We work with some of the nation’s top treatment programs to help families recover from addiction and denial. We can help you arrange an intervention, plan for treatment, arrange insurance coverage for treatment and even plan transportation to and from rehab. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline, before it is too late.

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