How to Approach a Cocaine Addict

In 2008, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 5.3 million Americans age 12 or older had used cocaine in some form, and 1.1 million had used crack at least once in the previous year. Aside from being extremely addictive, cocaine is also illegal and associated with criminal activity. If someone close to you is addicted to cocaine, it is important that you act. It can be hard to know what to do, what to say and how to say it. The following information can help you approach a cocaine addict.

Cocaine Addiction and How It Affects Friends and Family

One of the reasons that cocaine is so addictive is that the effects of cocaine use only last around an hour. This leads many users to take multiple doses in a day or to binge by taking dangerously high doses in a single sitting. After a short amount of time, cocaine abuse leads to tolerance and dependence.

Cocaine abuse and addiction leads to secretive and secluding behavior. Aside from the shame users may feel due to addiction, they may also fear the consequences of admitting to their problem. Cocaine is illegal and is associated with illicit activity to obtain cocaine or the money to afford cocaine.

Cocaine Addiction Intervention

An intervention is a calm, controlled way to confront someone about his or her addiction. It is best if the number of people involved in the intervention is kept small and limited to family members and close friends. The person being approached about their cocaine use will not feel ganged up on or singled out as much as they might in front of a larger group.

Take turns sharing your concerns with the person. Tell them the signs of addiction you’ve seen and why they worry you. It is important to avoid making accusations. Many addicts will still be in some degree of denial and will only feel defensive if accused. They may, however, feel more able to admit that they need help if the people close to them express genuine concern. Staying calm and making sure the person understands that you’re only looking out for them can break down the walls between an addict and recovery.

Have a treatment plan lined up before staging an intervention. Let the cocaine user know help is available, and be able to provide specific details about recovery. The gift of recovery is the greatest gift you can offer.

Get Help for Cocaine Addiction

If you have a loved one struggling with cocaine addiction, we can help. If you need help approaching a cocaine addict or finding a rehab treatment facility, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Help someone you love overcome addiction. Call now.

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