How to Further Your Recovery from Cocaine

You finished rehab and got clean from cocaine, and the following is true:

  • Now that you are not buying cocaine, you will have more money
  • Now that your time is not consumed by cocaine, you have options for hobbies and activities
  • Now that your mind is not clouded by drugs, you can reconnect with the people closest to you
  • Now that you are clean from cocaine, you have a chance to further your recovery

Staying Involved in Your Cocaine Addiction Recovery

The best thing you can do once you get out of rehab is continue treatment for cocaine addiction. Maintain your connections to peers in recovery and rehab professionals, and participate in aftercare. Aftercare is any follow-up treatment after primary care, and it usually involves regular meetings with counselors and support groups. Going to alumni events is a good way to further cocaine recovery efforts, because you get a chance to positively impact the lives of other recovering individuals still in rehab. Continuing with less strict and more flexible treatment after cocaine addiction rehab will help keep you on track and prevent relapse.

Making Good Choices to Maintain Your Cocaine Addiction Recovery

You made the right choice in coming to rehab. Don’t let yourself fall into the same old patterns and reverse your hard work. Remember all the helpful information you learned in rehab and use it. Stay away from enabling people and environments. Make new friends and focus on growing those relationships. If you were diagnosed with a mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety disorder, remember to take care of yourself. Go in for regular checkups and therapy sessions, and talk with someone anytime you feel the need to express what’s on your mind.

Further Your Cocaine Addiction Recovery

If you feel the need to use again, call someone. You can talk with a friend, family member, loved one or rehab counselor anytime and be reminded of all the reasons you decided to quit cocaine. Stay busy and start something new. Find new hobbies and activities you enjoy. Set achievable goals and reach them. Getting a job, getting a place of your own and finishing school are all possibilities now that you are clean. Replace urges to relapse with options such as the following:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Recreational sports
  • Volunteer work
  • Art
  • Hanging out with sober friends
  • Cooking healthy foods
  • Hiking

Call to Find or Further Cocaine Recovery

You can call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day. We can talk with you about getting or staying clean from cocaine, and we can help you find the resources that will match your individual needs.

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