How to Party without Cocaine

For a cocaine addict, getting high often becomes the focus of every party. Because of this, recovering addicts may wish to avoid parties to stay on track, but they must also learn how to party and celebrate without cocaine. If they do this, they can bring fun into life and keep growing throughout recovery.

How to Enjoy Life without Cocaine

Although it may feel like you are giving up fun by avoiding cocaine abuse, a drug-free party is an opportunity to have more fun and grow in recovery. First, consider the potential problems that you are avoiding by abstaining from cocaine abuse. You may save considerable money by staying clean, and you may avoid debilitating feelings of guilt or shame. Furthermore, the combination of cocaine and social stress can backfire, which will put you in a far worse mood than you would have been without the drug. Also, by staying clean you avoid potential conflicts with non-users, as well as any unwanted attention from other cocaine users.

Perhaps most importantly, going to a party without drugs is an opportunity to practice the recovery skills you learned during addiction treatment. Prepare to use your positive coping skills in stressful situations, because this may promote fun as well as health. In other words, embrace the time you have without cocaine.

Parties are easier to enjoy when they are better parties to begin with. Parties that may have been fun with cocaine may have been quite dull to the unaltered observer, so you can find parties that are simply better. Additionally, giving up cocaine makes you welcome at more party venues which may have stopped you at the door before you got sober. Cultivating friendships with people who do not use drugs will create opportunities to attend more sober parties.

Activities that Do Not Involve Drugs

An event specifically designated as a “party” is not the only way to have fun. For recovering addicts, gatherings that center on activities may be better choices than unstructured parties. Instead of people trying to think of something to talk about, these focused events have a topic of conversation built in. Whether the activity is golf, board games, bowling, softball or improvised comedy, it gives you something to do instead of being idle and wanting cocaine.

Many people use alcohol or other drugs at the same time they abuse cocaine. If you followed this habit, or even if you have seen others doing it, you may not see the danger in these other drugs. For instance, you may want to drink alcohol months or years of cocaine use, but this may be considerably dangerous to your long-term health and recovery. It is best to refuse these drugs as well while at a party. The potential exists for becoming a multidrug user if the new drug becomes an addiction as well.

Help Avoiding Cocaine Abuse

If you or someone you know parties with cocaine, then call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to learn more about parties without drugs. The call is confidential, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out for help.

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