How to Take Action to Get Healthy

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can leave people helpless, without any idea of where to turn even if they begin to realize that they need to change. Addiction consumes a person’s life, but, when she recognizes her need to get clean and healthy, then she may fear to take the first step due to the withdrawal symptoms and/or other reasons. However, without making the first step toward a healthier lifestyle, nothing will ever change, except that the addiction will continue to get worse. Taking action is essential to overcoming addiction, and the best place to start recovery is to get help from others. explains the importance of taking action when it comes to overcoming substance abuse. Addicts will have to learn how to function without using drugs, because in the past they always used drugs to enjoy the same situations. In other words, rather than dealing with problems like stress by abusing drugs, people must learn to feel better without abusing addictive substances. Typically speaking, the first step to overcoming addiction and getting healthy is to seek out medical and professional supervision for detox. Without going through detox to break the physical addiction, any action that someone takes to get healthy will likely fail. If local resources are limited for professional detox and rehab, then go to the nearest hospital for the next best option. Going through detox alone can be dangerous depending on the type of substance abused and the duration of abuse, so always seek help to begin recovery. If all other options fail, then find local support or online groups to connect with various local resources.

After detox ends, a professional rehab program is the next best step to take, because rehab can teach recovering addicts how to deal with life stressors without using addictive substances. Rehab programs can last anywhere from 15 to 90 days; the longer the program lasts, the more prepared recovering addicts will be to tackle new, healthier lives without needing drugs or alcohol. Most rehab programs provide recovering addicts with access to workout equipment and even personal fitness trainers, so treatment helps people get into better physical shape during the program. Along with physical exercise, healthy eating habits will help recovering addicts reach another level of health in their lives. says that committing to sobriety is quite difficult, so addicts must make daily changes to succeed in recovery, such as changing the way they deal with stress, the type of people they spend time with, what they do during their free time and the way they think about themselves. Addicts must be aware of the following aspects of changing through action:

  • Daily remembering the personal reasons for change
  • Thinking about successful changes that have been made in the past and why they worked
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Avoiding or removing from the home and workplace any reminders of drug abuse
  • Ensuring that friends and family members are aware of the change that is taking place and the need for their support

While physical health is essential to a healthier lifestyle, both mental and emotional health are also important aspects of addiction recovery. To start with these tasks, recovering addicts should learn that a healthy level of self-esteem can go a long way for mental and emotional health; anyone can build up his self-esteem by spending time with friends who are neither judgmental nor critical about addiction recovery. Furthermore, addicts can improve their recoveries if they spend time with people who are getting into physical shape, trying new hobbies and activities, practicing self-care, helping other people and seeking new ways to improve themselves.

Other ways of achieving mental and emotional health include building healthy, mutually beneficial and uplifting relationships. Furthermore, ending unhealthy relationships is just as important as building new and healthy ones. Once a satisfying level of physical, emotional and mental health has been reached, pursue a personal dream or sense of purpose. Many recovering addicts revert to jobs or careers that they are not even interested in, which is a dangerous path to take in addiction recovery, because it could quickly lead to relapse. If a current career is completely uninteresting, then go out and find something new, exciting and personally interesting to devote your time to.

Find Professional Treatment Services for Substance Abuse or Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a treatable disease that people address, but they need the help and support from professional treatment services. Rehab programs can equip struggling addicts with the necessary tools to reach and maintain long-term recovery. If you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse and needs help, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find a professional treatment program. With guidance, you can find a treatment program that will cater to your unique needs. Do not let a struggle with substance abuse or addiction keep you from living a full and healthy life. Call us today for instant help.

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