How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Cocaine Use

When you are in a relationship with a person who is dealing with cocaine abuse or addiction, bringing the subject up can be uncomfortable. If you want your girlfriend to get treatment for her cocaine problem, the best way for you to help her is to speak with her about her cocaine use. You play an important role in your girlfriend’s life, and your input matters. By speaking with your girlfriend about her cocaine use, you can play an active role in her addiction recovery by raising awareness about her problem and encouraging her to get the help she needs.

Does My Girlfriend Use Cocaine?

The first step in figuring out if your girlfriend has a problem is determining if she is using cocaine. Any unidentified white powder may be a sign your girlfriend is using cocaine. Cocaine is a short-acting drug. If your girlfriend takes frequent trips to the restroom or steps out often to take phone calls, she may be attempting to hide her cocaine use. You can also listen for slang terms that may refer to cocaine, such as blow, zip, snow, barbs, coke, or Aunt Nora. If you hear a slang term for cocaine come up in conversation, this is a strong sign your girlfriend may be abusing cocaine.

Speaking with Your Girlfriend about Cocaine Abuse

While you may be anxious to speak with your girlfriend about her cocaine abuse, the best way you can help your girlfriend is to talk about her problem. When you bring up your girlfriend’s cocaine use, let her know that you are having this conversation because you care for her and want her life to be improved. Talk with her about how you have seen cocaine affect her life and how it has touched your life as well. Tell her about the different types of treatment options available for cocaine addiction and how you think treatment could help her. Create an open, honest environment for the conversation so that you can openly discuss the issue in the future. Discussing your girlfriend’s cocaine abuse in a respectful conversation is the best way to encourage her to get help.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Options

If you or your girlfriend is addicted to cocaine, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an addiction expert about what type of treatment is available for cocaine addiction. We are standing by 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about cocaine addiction or cocaine addiction treatment. Our experts can let you know if your health insurance will pay for part of or all of cocaine rehab treatment. Call now.

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