Individualized Treatment Planning for Cocaine Addiction Recovery

Cocaine is a substance, illegal in the United States, which is considered to be highly addictive. The drug derives from the leaves of cocoa plants. It is perhaps one of the better-known drugs in the illicit scene.

Cocaine addiction can be very damaging to an individual’s overall quality of life. In fact, there are several scenarios where cocaine addiction can easily become a death sentence, as overdose occurs frequently. Addiction also takes a significant toll on the user’s brain and cardiovascular system and can constrict the blood vessels and arteries, causing strokes and heart attacks.

Cocaine produces an extreme high when first used, which is why cocaine use can easily lead to addiction. Unfortunately for the user, this high is difficult to achieve with continued use. As a result, increasing amounts of cocaine are required to achieve the same effect. An abuser will become desperate to seek that high, and dependency and addiction soon follow.

There are several different types of treatment plans that can assist with cocaine addiction recovery, but it is important that a recovery addict has an individualized program.

Individualized Cocaine Addiction Treatment Planning

Individualized addiction treatment is basically a customized regimen tailored to a person’s individual needs. Each and every person is different, so each addict requires a specific type and number of counseling sessions, group therapy sessions and sometimes even medication like Methadone, a drug primarily used to help end addition.

Cocaine is one of the most popular drugs in North America. About 13 percent of all admissions into drug therapy are due to cocaine abuse. Being so prolifically used, there are many programs available that can help with recovery. As such, it can be difficult to decide just which program might be best for a patient.

The previously mentioned medication Methadone would be used in drug-assisted therapy, which is concerned with physically weaning addicts off of their drug of choice. Meanwhile, there is also behavioral therapy, which works by psychologically treating the addiction. Both approaches have been proven effective. Some may argue that by using Methadone, addicts are simply swapping one drug for another, even though that is an exaggeration of how the process works. The psychological route, without the assistance of medication, means that the initial withdrawal symptoms are excruciating and difficult to handle.

Because there are pros and cons to all detox and rehab methods and treatments, it is important for an addict to work with a counselor to determine a program that is specific to his or her needs. Consultation with a professional can help determine whether or not a drug-assisted or psychological route would be most appropriate, among other important recovery decisions.

How We Can Help You Overcome Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from a cocaine addiction, we are here to help you find the assistance you need. Call our toll-free number, where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you in any way they can.

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