Making the Decision to Quit Cocaine

Cocaine abuse and addiction can cause a user to experience the following:

  • Job loss or school difficulties because of cocaine
  • Nose bleeds, heart problems, fainting spells or other physical effects of cocaine
  • Family, relationship or friendship problems due to cocaine use
  • DUI, jail time or legal problems related to cocaine
  • Financial problems because of cocaine
  • Regret or embarrassing situations because of cocaine

If someone in your life has encouraged you to seek help, or if you have considered it yourself, now is the time to make the decision to quit cocaine.

What to Expect When You Quit Cocaine

If you try to quit cocaine on your own, you will face some specific challenges such as the following:

  • You will risk relapsing
  • You will risk a dangerous and physically difficult withdrawal
  • It may take you a long time to quit
  • You may become addicted to other substances
  • You may not discover health problems such as heart irregularities that can lead to stroke or heart attack

This list should not scare you but should help you see the value of a targeted rehab program. If you do choose to attend rehab, you can expect the following:

  • Detoxification. Medically supervised detox services are assisted by nurses or doctors and an addiction therapist. Your detox team will take the time to help you though uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and will monitor your health and wellbeing in case of illness or dangerous reactions.
  • Therapy. Therapy is your opportunity to heal from the wounds of addiction. You will talk with a therapist and uncover your strengths and find out why addiction has been plaguing you. Group therapy will help you build a support network of people who have similar goals of a happy life without drugs or alcohol.
  • Activities and adventures. You will have time to relax and heal during rehab and time to participate in activities. Some rehab centers offer extras like yoga, exercise, swimming, ropes courses and more. Modern luxury rehabs offer chef prepared meals and other amenities.

Once you make the decision to look into rehab, you might find that it isn’t a bad option at all. In fact, most people who have successfully completed rehab say it was the best thing that ever happened in their life.

Find Help for Cocaine Addiction

Our counselors are experienced in drug and alcohol counseling, and they can help you learn more about the following:

  • Deciding to quit cocaine
  • Cocaine detox services
  • Cocaine rehab

Quitting cocaine is not an easy task, but it is possible with the right help. Let us help you find the best treatment to meet your needs. Call now.

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