Native Americans and Cocaine Use

Drug abuse in the United States is a serious problem, and one of the ethnic groups suffering disproportionally from this problem is American Indians. According to the National Institutes of Health, more substance abuse has been reported among American Indians than most (if not all) other ethnic minority groups in the U.S. Furthermore, the data shows that American Indian youth use cocaine at least twice as much as Caucasian, African-American, or Hispanic youth.

The reasons Native Americans become addicted to cocaine will vary from person to person, based on both environmental and genetic factors. However, as an ethnic minority group, some commonalities among users of cocaine can be followed.

Causes of Native American cocaine addiction include:

  • Overwhelming poverty
  • Cyclical disease
  • Higher unemployment
  • Generational trauma passed down to subsequent generations
  • Cultural disruption
  • Cultural historical use of cocaine in spiritual ceremonies

Typically, cocaine is used because of the euphoric high that the drug creates. For people struggling with issues like poverty, disease, and trauma, the temporary escape that cocaine offers can be a powerful incentive to use cocaine. While some people may think that occasional or periodic use of cocaine will keep a person from becoming addicted, the truth is that cocaine is highly addictive. After just a short amount of time, both physical and psychological dependence can develop. A person can become addicted to cocaine after using it just one time.

Signs of cocaine addiction include:

  • Paranoia and/or panic attacks
  • Dropping old friendships and hanging out with new, different friends
  • Inability to reduce or stop cocaine usage
  • Using more and more cocaine to produce the same high
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Stealing from others to pay for cocaine

If you see these symptoms in you or someone you love, get help immediately. Addiction to cocaine is a major problem and can lead to lasting – even fatal – consequences. Long-term use of cocaine can cause problems with the heart, brain, lungs, stomach, and kidneys.

Getting Help for Your Cocaine Addiction

If you are suffering from a cocaine addiction, we can help. You can call our toll free phone number any time, 24 hours a day. You can talk with one of our counselors about the best cocaine rehab options for your unique situation. Don’t allow cocaine to rob you off the life you want. Take the first step of recovery by calling us today.

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