Plastic Surgery and Cocaine Addiction

Some people have a habit of utilizing plastic surgery for various image defects that they believe they have. This habit of surgery can be addictive and commonly coexists alongside a cocaine addiction. Some aspects of the relationship between plastic surgery and cocaine addiction include the following:

  • People who abuse cocaine often have low self-esteem issues, which can lead them to use plastic surgery to feel better about their personal image.
  • Individuals in the film or modeling industry are often pushed to undergo various plastic surgeries in order to maintain a certain image, which can cause these individuals to use cocaine in order to cope.
  • People with an addiction to cosmetic surgery are often addicted to various other substances that boost self-esteem and personal acceptance, such as cocaine.
  • Many individuals are more susceptible to criticism than others and use plastic surgery and cocaine as a means of coping.

The most common relation between cocaine addiction and plastic surgery is that cocaine abuse causes severe nasal damage. Cocaine abuse can often have a damaging effect on an individual’s nasal passages, requiring the user to have a reconstructive nose job. When a person snorts cocaine over long periods of time, it can severely damage the inner and outer nose, causing holes to form in the passages or the outer nose to cave in. Medicinal cocaine is sometimes used during nose surgery in order to slow down excessive nasal bleeding. It can also be used for its effect of reducing post-operation pain. While medicinal cocaine is often diluted to a low concentration, it can still pose a risk for developing an addiction after surgery. It can be difficult for surgeons to treat cocaine addicts wanting plastic surgery as pain medications can have a life-threatening effect on the individual. In some cases, people seeking plastic surgery do not make their cocaine abuse known, which can cause complications during surgery as the different medicines and anesthetics interact with the cocaine. Certain therapies alongside treatment at a licensed and professional addiction rehab center can help individuals overcome cocaine addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help an individual overcome low self-esteem issues that can lead to plastic surgery and cocaine use.

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