Recreational Cocaine Use among 18-25 Year-Olds

Cocaine has long been one of the most popular street drugs in the world. As the popularity of this drug continues to grow, more and more young adults are experimenting with cocaine recreationally and are finding that their use has developed into a bigger problem than expected.

Treatment Options for 18-25 Year-Old Cocaine Users

Many young adults in this age range begin using cocaine as a result of peer pressure, experimentation, weight management goals or a need to cope. Since there are a variety of common reasons why young adults use cocaine, there are many options for treatment geared toward this specific demographic. Treatment options include the following:

  • Experiential therapy – Rather than being stuck in the confines of a therapist’s office, patients have the opportunity to challenge themselves in an environmental setting. Participating in activities such as equine therapy and rock climbing can allow individuals who are using cocaine to find joy in sober activities, as well as provide them with a new outlet for frustration that doesn’t involve the use of cocaine.
  • Group therapy – At this point in life, many 18-25 year-olds are social beings, and their peers may have encouraged their cocaine use. Group therapy can help users to change their perspective and begin working through their issues pertaining to cocaine abuse in a setting where their peers are promoting their wellbeing.
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment – Dual Diagnosis treatment is beneficial for anyone who has two co-occurring disorders. For example, many women in this age range use cocaine to manage their weight as a result of a body image disorder. Dual Diagnosis treatment can help provide young women with self-esteem and confidence to boost their self-image while also teaching them why using cocaine is dangerous.

In addition to experiential therapy, group therapy and Dual Diagnosis treatment, young adults who use cocaine can also benefit from cognitive behavior therapy, during which they learn about their behavior and begin applying understanding to their actions.

How to Get Treatment

Getting started with the treatment process can be intimidating for an 18-25 year-old; however, once the individual knows where to go and what to ask, the process is quite simple. By starting online, young adults can research specific treatment centers and call for more information. They can also call hotlines to learn more about their options, as well as enlist the help of their primary care physician for referrals. Simply asking for help from sources such as these can provide a clear path for an 18-25 year-old looking to obtain sobriety.

Do You Want to Stop Using Cocaine?

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get connected to the guidance you need to start making decisions that will benefit your future. Our counselors can answer your questions, provide you with more information and help you find the treatment program that is right for you. Do not waste one more day. Call us today.

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