Six Benefits of a Recovery Lifestyle

Cocaine has been viewed as the drug choice of celebrities, fashion models and even those struggling to get by on a day to day basis. Cocaine’s high is often intense and has powerful yet negative side effects on the user’s heart, brain and emotions. Many users fall prey to addiction because of cocaine’s highly addictive qualities along with the desirable side effects. Despite these side effects, long term use of cocaine can cause both devastating and life-threatening consequences. Even an occasional user can run the risk of sudden death associated with cocaine use.  [1]

Due to the havoc that cocaine addiction causes to an individual physically, emotionally and mentally the benefits of seeking treatment greatly outweigh the benefits the addict believes he obtains from using. Each addict may seek different treatment approaches or even respond to treatments differently than another, which is why it is so important the addict be fully aware of his many options. Although the thought of treatment may be overwhelming for an addict, sobriety is well worth the effort and so is a healthy life.

Six Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle After Cocaine Addiction

Deciding to leave the familiar world of addiction and enter a world of sobriety, can be a life-altering moment for any addict. This unfamiliarity can cause addicts to either seek comfort in their new choice of sobriety or cause them to return to their addiction as a coping mechanism. No matter which treatment approach the addict chooses, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle where drug use is not involved fairly outweigh the so-called benefits addicts believe they get from their addiction. Included in the following are six benefits of living a recovery lifestyle:

  • Quality of life
  • Improved health
  • Stable relationships
  • Financial stability
  • Employment
  • Ability to help others

Recovery is not an easy change to incorporate into a recovering addict’s life; recovery is a total lifestyle change. While in treatment, recovering addicts will learn specific skills and resources to help them learn how to integrate recovery into their new lives. Recovery requires constant commitment from the recovering addict and even one wrong decision can lead to relapse. Hopefully with the help of the coping skills learned in treatment, any instances of relapse can be quickly corrected with the help of a support network.

One of the greatest aspects of recovery is the drastically improved quality of life the recovering addict now experiences. Because addiction negatively affects numerous aspects of the addict’s life, he use to find himself losing his healthy relationships, constantly borrowing or stealing to support his addiction, and may also have been in and out of the emergency room due to his heavy cocaine use. Although not all health issues related to cocaine addiction can be immediately treated or reversed, sobriety greatly increases the body’s ability to start the repair process so the addict can repair the rest of his life.

Loved ones often feel the blunt force of addiction almost as much as the addict himself. Addicts often have lied, manipulated and even stole from loved ones to support their addiction. Loved ones want to believe that the addict is telling the truth and that they really need the money to help pay bills or buy food, but despite the help they provide, the addict’s priority will remain on his addiction. Even formerly solid relationships, marriages and friendships could have crumbled due to the addiction. While in treatment, the recovering addict is encouraged to start to repair these relationships and, even on some occasions, is able to involve his loved ones in his counseling sessions.

Recovery is about making healthy choices to support a clean, drug-free life. This could mean that the recovering addict has to make tough choices about those he allows to be involved in his life, where he lives and works, and what activities he engages in. The addict’s decisions must support his sobriety or he may risk relapse.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know and love is struggling with an addiction to cocaine and is questioning whether or not the benefits of sobriety are worth the effort, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our highly trained and professional counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and help you find the best treatment approach for your condition. One call can save a life, so call us today!


[1], Cocaine Use and It’s Affects, Joseph Goldberg, MD, 12/19/15, 06/23/2013.

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