Victims of Bullying and Cocaine Addiction

The topic of bullying is gaining more and more attention in the media. Although it mainly affects people in school, it can occur in any interpersonal relationship, regardless of age or social status. When people endure bullying so much that it becomes unbearable, they may abuse cocaine to escape their emotional distress. Seek help as soon as possible to get clean and to address the effects of bullying.

Bullying and Cocaine Abuse

Bullying is abusing—either verbally or physically—someone else with threats, intimidation, harassment and other forms of domination. People may bully others for any of the following reasons:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Physical appearance
  • Gender or race
  • Social class
  • Lifestyle preferences

Being a victim of bullying can cause physical injuries and mental health problems, but survivors of bullying may also abuse drugs to cope. Cocaine is an illegal drug created from the leaves of the coca plant. Abusing it causes euphoria, but the drug is highly addictive. Since cocaine is a stimulant, continual use can create problems like paranoia to sudden cardiac death.

People who endure bullying may abuse cocaine to elevate their moods, gain more energy, to feel socially confident or to feel well for a short period of time. However, cocaine abuse can easily lead to tolerance—needing higher doses to get the same effects—and dependence, both of which increase the risks of overdose and death.

Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Although people might abuse drugs to obtain emotional gratification, cocaine only worsens the emotional state of its users. This is due to its side effects that cripple normal brain functioning. Cocaine’s withdrawal symptoms are a serious concern for people who are already under so much distress; in fact, cocaine abuse may result in any of the following symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inability to feel pleasure
  • Suicidal thoughts

Suffering from bullying and cocaine addiction can lead to life-threatening problems. Address problems with addiction as soon as possible to recover.

Cocaine Rehab for Bullied People

Help is available for you or your loved one to recover from cocaine addiction and bullying. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to learn more about Dual Diagnosis treatment of co-occurring disorders. Integrated treatment in such rehab facilities addresses addiction and mental issues at the same time, which enables patients to completely recover from all of their issues. Our admissions coordinators can also connect you with intervention services, family counseling resources, help travelling to and from rehab and more. Find the necessary help at no cost by reaching out to our confidential, professional support.

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