What Are My Choices for Cocaine Addiction Recovery?

Cocaine is highly habit-forming and creates a strong dependency in users. Although treating a cocaine addiction can be extremely complex, many different cocaine rehabilitation program options are available to help individuals heal and achieve sobriety.

Types of Cocaine Treatment Programs

There are many options for cocaine addiction recovery. One of these is a 12-step program. The 12-step program is not specific to any treatment program or substance, however many cocaine users find it to be effective. In a 12-step program individuals find a safe and anonymous space to deal with and heal from their addiction. The individual puts his or her faith in a higher power, and then works through 12 steps with the support of a sponsor and the group in order to avoid the situations, emotions and people that trigger the addiction. 12-step programs help an individual create new positive habits and a strong sense of community.

While 12-step programs can be an important part of long-term recovery, it is strongly recommended that users seek inpatient treatment where they will be under the care of medical professionals while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Patients also have these doctors available to them if a health problem related to their use is uncovered and requires immediate attention. Inpatient treatment also affords patients more access to therapists and counselors who can help them work through the behavioral problems surrounding their addiction. Outpatient treatment, where the individual lives at home while seeking treatment, also provides a strong support system and the opportunity to heal both physically and mentally. However, because of the intensely addictive nature of cocaine and the high risk of relapse, inpatient treatment is usually best.

Over half of all individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol also suffer from a mental illness that has either developed as a result of their drug use or helped trigger their addiction. To successfully treat a cocaine user who has other mental illnesses, it is crucial to address both issues at the same time. In Dual Diagnosis treatment, both addiction treatment specialists and psychiatrists are present to help the individual recover.

While cocaine is still one of the most abused street drugs in the country, many people are turning to treatment to reclaim their lives from this powerful and addictive drug. With a variety of options to choose from, each cocaine user can find an effective program that fits his or her existing issues and needs.

Do You Need Help with a Cocaine Addiction?

Life is too short to waste on cocaine addiction. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to find cocaine addiction treatment programs and begin your journey toward lasting recovery and sobriety. Take control of your life today.

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