What Cocaine Addiction Does to a Person

Almost everyone is familiar with cocaine. It may seem like cocaine is available everywhere you look, but it is important to know how cocaine can affect your life. If you or someone you love is struggling with cocaine use, we would like to help.

How You Use Cocaine Determines How It Damages Your Body

There are different ways to use cocaine, and those different ways impact your body differently. Cocaine is most commonly found in a powdered form which is snorted through the nose. Crack cocaine is a mixture of cocaine and baking powder which creates a rock formation that is smoked. Cocaine can also be used by freebasing it, or mixing it with a strong alkali, before injecting or smoking the drug. When cocaine is snorted, it erodes the tissue in the nose and can lead to cancer. The damage cocaine causes to your nose is irreversible and will change your appearance forever. Crack cocaine is extremely damaging to the lungs. Freebasing can lead to the transmission of deadly diseases, circulatory problems and instant death. Mixing cocaine with alcohol or other drugs like ecstasy or LSD is hard on the heart and may lead to a heart attack. Both regular cocaine and crack cocaine are very addictive. There is no safe way to use cocaine.

Cocaine Will Damage Your Finances

Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs available. A cocaine addiction can destroy your income and your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Cocaine is illegal in almost all parts of the world, and if you are caught with cocaine, you may face expensive legal fees, court fees and even jail time.

Cocaine Will Harm Your Children

If you are a potential mother, you should know that cocaine will enter your bloodstream and affect your baby. Your child can become dependent on cocaine in the womb. Cocaine can cause permanent developmental problems and mental retardation in unborn babies. Children who have parents who use cocaine are trapped in a devastating situation. Young children are often aware that something is wrong with their parent, but they are unable to change the situation. Cocaine can lead to child neglect, and a violent temper caused by cocaine use can lead to child abuse.

Cocaine Destroys Families

What does cocaine addiction do to the friends and family of the addicted person? How are your parents, your partner or your children affected? Are there any young people in your life who look up to you? Consider the impact of a cocaine addiction on the people who love you. If you do not seek help for yourself, seek help for those who care about you. Imagine the pride you will feel when you are clean and free from cocaine, and imagine sharing your success with the people you love.

Get Help for Cocaine Use Now

We offer a completely private 24 hour toll-free helpline to help you recover from cocaine addiction. Call us now to speak with an experienced recovery assistant about your treatment options, insurance coverage for rehab care, family counseling and more. All calls are confidential. Change what cocaine has done to you today; call now.

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