What Made My Loved One a Cocaine Addict?

Addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict, but also those who love him. It is a physical and psychological affliction that can drive a wedge between the addict and his or her friends and loved ones. Cocaine addiction is a growing problem that can be found everywhere from urban neighborhoods to college campuses and it can be difficult to find recovery without the help of professional treatment.

Frequent Causes of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a potent stimulant that induces a sense of confidence, energy and euphoria. It is available in a wide range of forms, from refined powder that is snorted or injected to crystallized lumps known as “crack” that are smoked. It can affect people from any area and socio-economic level. There can be many different journeys that lead one to cocaine addiction, but there are a few risk factors that seem to be common.
Some addicts find themselves surrounded by cocaine use, from children in neighborhoods where crack is common to urban professionals caught up in a fast-paced partying lifestyle. When one is surrounded by cocaine, the pressure to experiment can be strong. Cocaine may also be seen to bring relief from the misery of poverty or offer an emotional boost to those with high-stress lifestyles.

Co-occurring Psychological Disorders

Cocaine impacts the same part of the brain that manages several critical psychological functions including the following:

  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Emotional response
  • Impulse control
  • Memory recall
  • Behavior reinforcement

Individuals who suffer from emotional or psychological disorders related to anxiety, compulsions, depression or mania may feel short-lived relief from their conditions while under the influence of cocaine. Addiction can form when this relief becomes continually craved by the brain, even if the addict would like to stop using.

Biological Predisposition toward Cocaine Addiction

Modern scientists and addiction experts are increasingly recognizing a genetic component to addiction. Some people may be born with a propensity to become addicted to mind-altering chemicals like cocaine or alcohol. This predisposition may lay dormant until the first instance of drug use. Individuals with a family history of substance abuse or addiction should be especially careful with drugs and alcohol.

Finding Help for Cocaine Addiction

If your addicted loved one is not currently in professional treatment, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors can answer all of your questions about cocaine addiction rehab over the phone. We can also help prepare you to confront your loved one about his or her addiction and provide you with excellent recovery resources. As the loved one of an addict, you play a critical role in the eventual recovery of your friend or family member and we are here to help you with that responsibility. Please call today.

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