When to Choose Outpatient Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

While an inpatient treatment program for cocaine addiction offers comprehensive 24/7 professional care, sometimes outpatient programs better suit the recovering addict’s lifestyle. An inpatient program often seems ideal for people who are addicted to an illicit and dangerous drug and need to escape or start over. But sometimes the most ideal option is the one tailored to the specific needs of the addict, taking into account unavoidable responsibilities. Outpatient rehab programs offer many of the same services as inpatient programs.

When Is an Outpatient Program for Cocaine Addiction the Best Option?

Outpatient care varies from program to program. Some require the addict to come in every day for most of the day. Others only require one or two sessions per week. Therapy groups, educational classes, holistic treatments, and one-on-one therapy can be incorporated into an outpatient program.

People who often benefit from outpatient cocaine addiction treatment programs include the following:

  • Those who cannot afford to take the time off of work or school
  • Those who have responsibilities at home such as caring for children or elderly relatives
  • Those who cannot afford inpatient care
  • Those who are uncomfortable with the idea of an inpatient program and would not benefit as much from it due to their discomfort

One of the advantages of outpatient care is that the non-immersive experience keeps the addicts from having to completely readjust when the more intense season of treatment is over. Patients who live at treatment centers for months have the advantage of constant care and focus on recovery, but this often makes the inevitable return to everyday life difficult for them.

When Is Inpatient Treatment a Better Option?

Almost any individual could name a roadblock in his life that could keep him from committing to an inpatient program. Some may worry about costs, while others worry about childcare for their kids or responsibilities at work or school. However, certain cases of cocaine addiction require the constant professional care and accountability provided at inpatient treatment facilities. If a recovering cocaine addict cannot resist using or poses a threat to himself or others for any reason, an outpatient program may not be the best option, even if it seems more convenient.

Other individuals who would flourish better in inpatient rehab include those who have been diagnosed with or show the signs of a co-occurring disorder. Treating both addiction and an independent mental illness requires more attention and care. This is also true of someone struggling with serious physical health problems.

Help for Cocaine Addiction

If you or a loved one is addicted to cocaine, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about your professional treatment options. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Don’t wait. Please call today.

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