Why Cocaine Detox Is Not Enough

Cocaine abuse is the most common drug problem among patients entering rehab. Thousands of Americans have sought recovery from cocaine’s destroying lifestyles and relationships. While a number of patients enroll in quick detox with the intentions of staying clean, long-term sobriety is difficult to achieve. To get and stay clean from cocaine, you need a comprehensive program that will go beyond detox.

Why Is Cocaine So Addictive?

After taking cocaine, a person will enter into a brief state of euphoria. Her senses will be elevated, her appetite-suppressed, and she will feel energized. However, the fun caused by cocaine is not worth the cost. Cocaine is so addictive that someone can become dependent after only one use.

Cocaine is a stimulant that floods the brain with a dopamine (the ‘pleasure’ chemical), creating the feeling of ecstasy. The mood is extremely short-lived – lasting a mere 15-20 minutes – before the user crashes back down to normality or even a state of slight depression. This cycle only motivates the individual to crave the drug more intensely in an attempt to regain the same level of pleasure.

What Cocaine Detoxification Does and Doesn’t Do

Make no mistake: detox is a much needed part of the recovery process. There are several different methods to rid the body of drugs. Yet because each person is different, there is no universal method of detox. However, the type that has proved most successful is a combination of tapered drug usage under medical assistance and group therapy/individual counseling sessions.

A big problem with stopping treatment after detox is that detox by itself does not prepare the user for life afterward. It is critical to recover because it smoothes the transition back into normality and works to build a defense against any relapses that may be initiated from withdrawal symptoms.

How to Stay Clean from Cocaine in the Long-Run

The length of time a patient spends in treatment is directly related to improvements in follow-up outcomes. This does not mean that a patient would be forced to stay in a rehab center for a long period of time. Instead, much of the treatment can be continued through outpatient procedures and continual contact with guidance counselors and specialists. Staying clean is all about changing your life and sticking with it, which is exactly why it is important to rely on treatment specialists until the recovery process is 100% complete.

Taking the Next Step toward Life-Long Sobriety

If you or someone you love is addicted to cocaine, we can help you get clean and stay that way. Please call our toll-free helpline today to receive more information about cocaine addiction treatment. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the recovery solutions you need. Life is too short to waste on addiction. Call us today.

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