Why Do I Need Community in Recovery?

Cocaine addiction often causes people to isolate themselves from both their loved ones and friends. In fact, addicts often get cut off from the people about whom they care most due to their drug abuse. While it is highly important for loved ones to set and enforce boundaries with an addict, if they stop all communication and interaction with a drug user, then they often only allow the addiction to become an even higher priority. As a result, once an addict decides to seek sobriety, she may think that, because she has isolated herself already, that her treatment should occur in solitude as well. However, recovery has been proven to be much more effective and more easily achieved when other people help the addict throughout the process[1].

It is likely that, while the addict was under the influence of cocaine, he behaved in ways and engaged in activities that he no longer approves of nor can remember. While he is in treatment, he will probably recall many of these memories, which will leave him ashamed of himself and uncertain of how he can regain his place in his community. His community may have suffered from the impact of addiction, so they may even struggle to find the best way he can reintegrate back into their interactions as well. However, with help, recovering cocaine addicts can get and stay clean and rejoin society as productive, loving members.

How Can the Community Help an Addict Recover?

No matter the task at hand, there is always strength in numbers, but addicts often felt judged due to how they behaved while under the influence of cocaine. However, now that they are sober, they can take the proper steps to reintegrate themselves back into the community, which will mean that can repair the damage they caused to interact positively with other people. In short, communities can support a recovering addict throughout sobriety by taking the following actions:

  • Restore damaged relationships
  • Seek examples of success
  • Support healthy and long-term lifestyle changes
  • Find opportunities to help others
  • Encourage open and honest communication

Whether you know the addict personally or professionally, repairing the relationship is essential for the recovering addict to function well. People often take for granted the relationships they have with each other, yet, when something bad occurs, it can quickly affect many people. This problem may be the reason why many relationships fall apart for addicts. However, by reintegrating themselves back into the community, addicts may be able to repair both their professional and personal lives. In fact, addicts who know that other people struggle with the same addiction as them, even in the same community, they have better chances of getting and staying clean.

However, what recovering addicts may not know are the reasons behind other recovering addict’s drug abuse. Maybe one addict felt so isolated and scared that she turned to cocaine to cope with her trauma. This isolation may haunt her every day decision of sobriety, because she may think she is alone in the process and that no one understands her struggles. However, if you attend local workshops or classes, then you can hear other people’s struggles and understand that you will never be alone in recovery.

Continuously making healthy choices can be difficult, but recovering addicts have no excuses on why they cannot get and stay clean if a community steps up and provides all the necessary means to make healthy choices. Healthy choices can include changing their social circles, moving to a new area or even joining a local gym.

Especially early on in addiction recovery, addicts may find themselves with considerable time every day, and they may be unsure how to fill it, because their addictions once consumed all the time they used to have. However, volunteering at a local soup kitchen or helping at the animal shelter can allow the recovering addict a way to give back to her community while also supporting her own recovery. Even speaking at events about her past struggles with addiction can inspire other addicts to seek sobriety.

Being able to express one’s own opinions and needs can be difficult at times. Many addicts lose their voices to stand up and support themselves, but now they must make sure they are heard so that their recoveries do not fail. Effective communication not only means being able to express how one feels, but also being able to hear what other people have to say, even if it is something you do not want to hear.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love struggles with a cocaine addiction and is uncertain how to seek treatment, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are extremely knowledgeable, so they can help you find the best treatment available for your condition while also answering your questions about addiction and recovery. This call could be the most important one of your life, so call us today for instant, professional support!


[1] http://www.samhsa.gov/recovery, Recovery and Recovery Support, SAMHSA, 11/14/15, 10/05/2015.

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