Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Cocaine Abuse Help

For the following things in life, waiting is good and necessary:

  • It’s good to wait for someone you love
  • It’s good to wait your turn in line at the post office
  • It’s good to wait for dessert after dinner
  • It’s good to wait for the beauty of a sunset

But is it ever a good idea to wait to get help for cocaine addiction?

Excuses for Avoiding Cocaine Rehabilitation

The following are just a few of the many excuses for waiting to get help:

  • I never use cocaine during the week.
  • Snorting isn’t that harmful.
  • My cocaine use is just recreational; I always get my work done.
  • Quitting is something I can do whenever I want. It’s not a physical need for me.
  • The real problem that’s stressing me is my boss at work.
  • The real problem is this girlfriend (or boyfriend).
  • I can’t afford the costs of detox and rehab.

Dangers of Cocaine Abuse

Your loved ones, medical experts, ex-addicts and, if you admit it, your best self all agree that it is never good to wait to get help for cocaine addiction. The longer you wait, the closer you are to the following problems:

  • Legal trouble
  • Inflicting serious harm on yourself through risky or illegal behavior
  • Inflicting serious harm on someone else
  • Conceiving a child addicted to cocaine
  • Death

The Lifestyle of the Cocaine Addict

The longer you wait to get help, the more you will sink into the following lifestyle habits of the cocaine addict:

  • Apathetic about your appearance
  • Loss of motivation for work
  • Not eating healthily (or at all)
  • A messy and sloppy home
  • Alienation from friends and family
  • Financial stress from keeping your habit
  • Emotional stress from hiding your habit

Putting off treatment can cause devastating problems. The sooner you confront treatment, the better your chances of complete recovery.

Need Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Some things in life are worth waiting for, but if you wait to help for cocaine abuse, you will never have any kind of life worth living. Don’t let false excuses cost you your life. Your insurance may cover the costs of detox and rehab. Give our 24 hour, toll-free helpline a call right now so you can talk personally to someone who will listen and help.

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