Young Professionals and Substance Abuse

College can be incredibly stressful, but for most freshly graduated individuals, jumping into the real world and attempting to be successful in a chosen profession can be even more overwhelming. Young professionals often struggle from one step to the next and are constantly working to figure it all out.

The Connection between Young Professionals and Substance Abuse

Anyone can develop a substance abuse problem for a number of different reasons. Trauma, abuse, loss, and death can make an individual turn to the use of drugs or alcohol. However, amongst the young professionals of the country, there is a variety of specific stressors that make day-to-day life particularly challenging to a point where substance abuse is appealing. Some of the many reasons why young professionals begin abusing substances include the following:

  • The need to prove their worth – Today’s job market is incredibly difficult to break into and even more difficult to stay in, especially for young professionals. Therefore, these individuals are always striving to prove their worth by overcompensating through putting in more time, effort, and energy. This kind of pressure can quickly cause an individual to use drugs or alcohol to relax.
  • Poor salaries – Unfortunately, the majority of young professionals today are strapped with loads of students loans, making it more imperative that they are successful at work to help pay off their debts. This can be challenging, especially since many entry-level jobs are low paying and young professionals tend to make poor salaries. The anxiety and fear of being unable to pay loans can make a young professional abuse substances to wash away concerns.
  • Degraded quality of life – Since young professionals often push hard while at work, they tend to lose connections to their own personal social life. This can begin to lead to the development of loneliness and low self-worth, especially as social interaction is limited. As a result, a young professional can quickly become depressed, causing him or her to abuse substances as a method of coping.

Young professionals often struggling with proving their worth, making ends meet, and trying to maintain a social life, all of which can lead to a substance abuse problem.

Avoiding Substance Abuse

It is important that young professionals do not get carried away when it comes to advancing in the work world. While it is necessary for them to do well professionally in order to support themselves, it is also necessary that young professionals maintain a balance between work and play. To do this, it is crucial that they make time for socializing, as well as develop proper coping skills that will allow them to blow off steam in a healthy way, as opposed to using substances. This can all be accomplished through the support of loved ones or through the guidance of a therapist.

Do You Need Treatment for a Substance Abuse Problem?

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